Friday, January 05, 2007

Stupid Customer Day

I guess today is Stupid Customer Day. I have no idea what's going on.

Customer #1

Customer #1: "My dad hates computers but I want to teach him how to use one. So I thought that by getting him a game he liked, then he would want to learn how to play it. I went to GameStop, and the guy sold me Need for Speed for XBOX. When my dad opened it, it wouldn't work on my computer. How do I make it work?"

Gabe (my coworker): "They sold you an XBOX game for your computer?"

Customer #1: "Yeah, the guy said 'Since it's Microsoft, it should work'."

Michael: Busts up laughing.

Gabe (with better composure than Michael): "You would need an XBOX program called an "emulator" to make that work. You should probably just get a game for PC, not XBOX."

Customer #1: "That's good, 'cause I don't have an XBOX."

Gabe: "During this time of year, most retail stores hire seasonal employees...

Michael: "...that have no idea what they're talking about."

Gabe found her a copy for $6 on and she offered to hire him for personal computer lessons for her dad. He's actually thinking about doing it.

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Customer #2

Customer #2: (to Michael) "Do you know anything about computers?"

Michael: (in humility) "A little bit."

Customer #2: (with intense sarcasm) "Oh great! Another one of those." (turns to Gabe) "Do you know anything about computers."

Gabe: opens mouth to talk.

Customer #2: "No you don't either." (turns to Mike) "Do you know what this is?"

Gabe (simultaneous with Mike): "A PCI card"
Mike (simultaneous with Gabe): "Can I see the end?"
Customer #2: (mockingly) "Oh you have to see the end!"

Mike: (more specifically) "It's a modem."

Customer #2: "Right. Do you have these? and does it fit in a Windows 98 computer?"

Mike: (thinking) What does it matter what operating system you're running? It fits in a Windows computer, a Linux computer, a Mac Computer, a Bob computer. Whatever.

Gabe (taking her less literally): "As long as you install the drivers."

Customer #2: "Oh, you must be smart. The Wal-Marts (note the plural here) guy told me I had to put it in first before I install the drivers)."

Her modem was physically fried. She found out that the same two guys that she attacked at the beginning were the best help she had received so far.

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Customer #3

Customer #3: "My son doesn't want this (a router), and he wants a wireless print server instead."

Gabe: "Does he have a router already?"

Customer #3: "No, he says he doesn't want it. He wants to print from his laptop wirelessly to the printer."

Gabe: "He needs the router to do that. The router makes the wireless connection between the computer and the print server."

Customer #3: "Well I just want my money back."

Gabe: "Ma'am, this was purchased in October. Our return policy is only for 30 days. Within 90 days I can sometimes give you an exchange, but there's no way I can put the money back on your card."

Customer #3: "There's nothing you can do?"

Gabe: "It's our policy; I can give you a gift card, but..."

Customer #3: "NO! I want my money back on my card. Who do I need to talk to to get the money on my card?"

Gabe: "You can call..."

Customer #3: "NO! I want to talk to someone NOW!"

Gabe: "You can talk to my manager when he's off the phone."

Please repeat the to the beginning of the story, replacing "Gabe" with "Manager".
He told her everything Gabe told her again.

She ended up keeping the router.

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  1. People are stoopid.

  2. There really is nothing like the retail sector if you want to see exactly how dumb people can be.

  3. Those are so typical. I used to work in a specialty electronics store and this was the norm...

    Journey Through Divorce

  4. Definitely sounds like Radio Shack there :)


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