Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Movin' on up

Yesterday, I had my final class for training as a RadioShack Assistant manager. The normal test was very easy after all the review we had. However, my District Manager had another test to measure our experience. That one was a bit of a challenge as we had no official way to prepare, but I think I managed it pretty well, thanks to being with the company for 3 years.

This afternoon I had a panel interview for the position. The panel consisted of my DM, the most tenured manager in the district, the best performing manager in the district, and our area recruiting manager. I feel like a made a good impression. However, it may be May before they promote me, because that's when I'll have the availability to perform all the required tasks of the position. I think it'll turn out pretty well, and I'll find out for sure within a week!

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