Friday, March 09, 2007

The Blog of Blogs

I know I have done it. I have betrayed you. You were my first love and I have been distracted by another.

Even though this was my first blog, I now have three. Three wonderful blogs to consume my time with. This blog remains my personal blog of all the thoughts on life that consume me.

The first of the other two is about three months old now. It is the Save My Phone blog. On this blog you can ask the stupidest of cell phone-related questions, and I will answer them. I hope it grows in popularity as I believe it could be a useful reference to many a cell phone user. Check out the first post and then see what you can learn or ask!

The other blog has just begun. It is largely a sponsored blog, which I am receiving funding from various sources. I don't know how much of an income driver this will be, but hopefully it will provide a little spare change. I call it The Internet Review. There are already two reviews up now and many more will come soon. The more people check this page out, the more money I will likely receive. However, it doesn't make for quite as interesting material as you will find here.

So, my friends. Know that I have not forgotten you but merely been distracted. This will remain my primary blog, and I will always post here first when I can think of something (interesting?) to say.

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