Friday, September 14, 2007

A Prayer

Today in our class I had all the students write out a prayer. I told them that they can use this as a tool to help them concentrate as they pray. Always trying to practice what I preach, I did this myself.

Heavenly Father,

Please be my strength today. I am not feeling well and definately need your help. You are my
provider and I know you want me to do well. Remind me of your constant presence. Help me to trust in you for healing, wisdom, and guidance. Help me to always rely on you for what I need. You are my provider, not the school or anyone else. Everything I have ultimately comes from you, and though it often doesn't seem like enough, I thank you for it. Please provide for our daily needs and keep us always vigilant to be better stewards of your money. Remind us to never give up our trust in you. I love you God, thanks for loving me too.


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