Friday, September 28, 2007


One of my classes is discussing the issue of Bible Doctrines or Teachings this semester, which has been greatly enjoyable. To add to the pleasure, we are discussing the topic of Theology proper, the study of God Himself, this unit. It has been amazing how much I've been able to learn about the character of God recently.

Christians are prone to discussing the development of character within the individual, but we often forget the major reason that character is even worth developing. The prime reason for the development of character is because God himself is so pure that he desires that purity from us. He is the perfect and infinite example of all we should be or have. His love and grace are limitless and unbiased to those who like him more or less. He is the perfect caretaker of his creation and the perfect father.

Then, since all humanity is made in his image, shouldn't it make sense that we are to have some characteristics like him? We are to model him, not only in our ability to reason, but also in our moral character and dedication to others. God has created these characteristics in us and is the ultimate source of them.

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