Friday, December 07, 2007

My Views on the Candidates

I haven't been very open about discussing my views on certain political candidates as I have been gathering information on them over the last few months. However, after watching many debates and joining a couple candidate mailing lists, I have come to some opinions on many of them. As a registered Republican, the first thing I will have to worry about is the primaries. Therefore, I will list some of the Republican candidates and what I like and dislike about them.

Rudy Guiliani
Pro- He's against universal health care and legalizing homosexual marriage. I agree with him that healthcare should not be left in the hands of the government which has mismanaged so many other related issues so far.

Con- Among the Republicans, Guiliani probably has the longest list here from me. He is way too supportive of abortion despite its obvious detriment to women and the future of the children they bear (or choose not to). He is also too supportive of our present situation in the war on terror, especially an unwillingness to admit any mistakes that we've made so far. My final qualm with him is his support of allowing our troops to torture prisoners for information, a violation of the Geneva Convention and any human's basic rights.

Mike Huckabee
Pro- He supports the Fair Tax proposal, which I believe will be very effective in making the current tax code more fair and in effectively battling illegal immigration. He is also a devout Christian who is not ashamed to allow his spiritual life to influence his political actions. Above the others, he is the one that I am confident will call on God to help him in decision-making. He is one of my 2 favorite candidates.

Con- He supports "No Child Left Behind" which penalizes the very schools that need the most help. He supports a border fence and a citizenship path for illegals; while ironic that he supports both, I actually find problems with both. I support dealing with illegal immigration mainly by removing the benefits of coming illegally vs. legally-- a purpose that I believe the Fair Tax would serve.

John McCain
Pro- He supports reasonable gun control (background checks) without many further restrictions. He is also adamantly against the use of any form of torture in interrogations, warrantless wiretapping, and the detaining of "suspects" without a warrant or writ of habeus corpus.

Con- The issue that I find most concerning about McCain is that he appears all too willing to throw further resources into the Iraq War without a set exit strategy, (though I think announcing a withdrawal date would also be a foolish action).

Ron Paul
Pro- Whenever possible, he supports giving the States and local governments control over a particular issue, in defense of the 10th Amendment. He supports the inclusion of competing currencies into our economy. In other words, the government has been able to print money quite literally out of thin air for the past few decades. As a result, your dollar is worth significantly less than it used to be--a fact you probably notice every time you fill your tank. He supports the elimination of unnecessary federal bureaucracy like the Department of Education, which the nation operated fine without for 204 years. He is the other of my 2 favorite candidates.

Con- I have difficulty reconciling his views on the War in Iraq. He supports immediate withdrawal, but I am very hesitant to support that idea because of the damage it would do for that nation. He has some difficulty convincing people of the practicality of his ideals, which could make his nomination a lot less probable.

Tom Tancredo
Pro- Fiscally (on issues dealing with money) I support him for the same main idea that I support Ron Paul: he is very adamant about cutting spending across the board to make the budget more balanced. He truly the most conservative of all the candidates in the sense that he is a major supporter of a free economy and a major proponent of ...

Con- ... social control. This is most recognizable in his policy on illegal immigration. He generally supports the removal of all illegal immigrants and their children no matter the social or financial cost. He has even gone so far recently as to refuse to attend a Spanish-speaking presidential debate. I find this both impractical and ethnocentric.

While I am still having an internal debate, all of these candidates still have the possibility of receiving my all-valuable, infinitely powerful vote (insert humility here).

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