Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Oops...Mitt Romney

While I wasn't attempting to include every candidate in my previous post, I was notified later that I forgot quite a notable candidate: Mitt Romney.

Pro- He has an apparent willingness to admit mistakes, especially regarding his previous pro-choice stance. He totes the traditional party line on nearly every issue except gun control, which I'm not too picky about. I am also happy about his appropriate approach to mixing his faith with his position. I thought his recent speech on the issue was well-presented.

Con- I would oppose him on some of the same issues as other candidates. He is unwilling to take a stance against Waterboarding (not nearly as fun as it sounds) and other "enhanced interrogation techniques." Beyond that, he just doesn't stand out to me yet. When it comes to voting in the primaries, I have so many better options to pick from (Morality-Huckabee; Economy-Paul). However, in a general election, he would still get a vote from me.

All-in-all, I plan on voting for Huckabee or Paul on February 9. I would also consider voting for Romney or McCain in a general election. Outside of those options, I may do something crazy...vote 3rd party.

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