Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Story Time

I wanted to share some stories of what this home culture shock looks like to the average person, just in case the idea is still vague.

1) A woman in our school office told me that her granddaughter has been watching Dora the Explorer on a regular basis. She went with her granddaughter to a local mall in a moderately Hispanic part of a very white town. On a playground in the mall, a boy ran up to the little girl, started talking in Spanish, and the little girl replied! The grandmother was astonished and proud at the same time.

No prejudices appeared here, but the shock is evidence of this culture shock.

2) The same woman remarked that when she was Christmas shopping she noticed that many of the toys spoke Spanish only or spoke English and Spanish. Then, another guy remarked, "That just says something about our society..."

What? Spanish-speaking people buy things?


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