Saturday, February 09, 2008

Kansas Republican Caucus

The occasional hoop and holler filled the auditorium as we prepared to hear the speeches of the candidates' representatives. Conversations about Ron Paul's common-sense views were murmured behind me. We packed the auditorium 30-minutes before we were supposed to begin, so they decided to hold 4 rounds of speeches. I'm really excited to see the "non-frontrunners" get a chance to have their voice heard.

The caucus was pretty entertaining for us political nerds. I'm pretty satisfied with the results. A win for Paul or Huckabee makes me happy, and they combined to receive 71% of the vote. Not too shabby!


  1. When Huckabee one Kansas...that's when I lost all hope for the state...but then...Barack won for the good I'm ok...

  2. The good guys? Hmm... I always thought I was a good guy.


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