Friday, February 08, 2008

My New Project

I have been doing work on a relatively new project for the InterWeb thingy. As you astute Internet users know, the Internet no longer suffers from a lack of information, but it is extremely difficult to sort the accurate information from the rest. Wikipedia is filled with a wealth of information; unfortunately, it's not always reliable. I love teaching others just how easy it is to change stuff. Go ahead! Go there, pick an article, click the "edit" button and do whatever you want to it. Sure, it'll be changed back in a while, but whoever reads it between now and then may not know the difference, especially if the change is minor.

Some people, including the former co-founder of Wikipedia, have realized this problem and have tried to create a solution. This solution is Citizendium, the citizens' compendium of knowledge. Some main reasons why it is different is that it requires users to use their real names, and each category of articles has a collection of editors who all have a Masters or Doctorate degree in that particular area. Each article is subject to scrutiny by these people before it is officially "approved" and recommended to the general public. You can find a list of approved articles here, and some other differences between Citizendium and Wikipedia here.

I have been one such contributor to this project and have made a start on several articles. I'm pretty happy with my work so far and look forward to continuing it. I invite you to join and make additions to these articles, or to work in an area with which you are more familiar. If nothing else, give Citizendium a try and give some support to accuracy over expediency. If you sign up, leave me a comment on my talk page.

I wrote the first draft of these articles:
Authors of the Bible
Rites of Passage
Pomona, Kansas

I've done some work here too: Jesus.

Even if you don't want to join, you can aid your search for accurate information by using the Google search box at the top of this blog. It uses Google like normal, but it leaves out Wikipedia results, and emphasizes results from Citizendium and .edu (college) websites. I've been using it pretty regularly and am very happy with it. If it doesn't give you the results you want, then there is a box on the results page that lets you switch over to a regular Google search. Enjoy!

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