Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Teaching a Puppy

I have acquired a puppy. It is a cute little beast.

We were making waffles on Saturday morning when he walked up to our porch window a few times. We took him in from the cold and have proceeded to make a few investments in his well being.

We have been attempting to train him in the arts of defecation, and I have discovered that I have learned another skill myself.

I am normally a calm, mild-mannered fellow, and that has caused me some some difficulty in classes before. I try not to overreact to classroom problems, but that unfortunately means that I sometimes don't react at all. However, thanks to the puppy, I am learning the skill of sharp correction without yelling. I don't want to scare the puppy, but I do want him to know my sincerity.

Of course, I run the risk of treating my students like a dog, but that's not my heart. I am really excited now that I can also give them firm correction without "scaring the puppy."

P.S. If anyone has any idea what breed this guy is, I'm very curious. Please, leave me a comment.

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