Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Christian Openness

There has been some call for an increased amount of openness between Christians, and I want to think through this issue with you. The argument is that while Christians are forgiven, they are not perfect and should not pretend to be. Therefore we should be accepting of each other, recognizing our faults, and confessing them to each other. The reason we want to do this is so that we are not hypocritical or two-faced, pretending to be holy while not actually practicing holiness. This often leads to the formation of accountability groups/partners so that we can keep each other in check regarding the various issues of our spiritual lives.

Biblically this concept has much support. We must confess our sins. In addition, we should make a special effort to confess our sins against each other, to each other. "Call your own fouls" in a sense.

So, I pose the questions:
1) What should this openness look like?
2) Have you had any positive experiences with a group of Christians confessing their sins to each other with the purpose of mutual encouragement?
3) Where could this lead the body of Christ in the future if this is more openly embraced?

P.S. I promise, this really is a blog about politics and theology, though I certainly don't alternate topics that frequently.

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