Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Other Two

After reading about the lack of difference between Obama and McCain, you may be a bit disconcerted. Fear not my friends, but allow me to introduce to you the two gentlemen who will most certainly place 3rd and 4th in this presidential election in November. These two men also hold very similar philosophies to each other, but they are vastly different from McBama (yes, I said that).

Chuck Baldwin

Mr. Baldwin is known as a Baptist minister and talk radio host from the Florida panhandle. He is the nominee of the Constitution Party, a 16-year-old organization that tries to reduce government back to its constitutional limits. Chuck is a great public speaker, and though he was formerly a Republican, he has voiced strong criticism of President Bush throughout his terms in office.

Baldwin is very pro-life, pro-gun, pro-veteran, pro-property rights, and pro-educational choice. He is quite opposed to open borders, the Iraq war, government-run health care, and surrenduring our sovereignty to the U.N. or other organizations. While openly Christian, he does not fit a Religious Right stereotype. No one article can sum up all of his positions, but he is a prolific writer, so it's not too hard to find out what he believes. If you are curious I would check out the following resources:

Chuck Baldwin Live
2008 Presidential Campaign
Chuck Baldwin Forum
Independent Political Report

Bob Barr

Mr. Barr is a former Republican congressman from Georgia who is famous for the impeachment of President Clinton, the War on Drugs, and passing the Defense of Marriage Act. Despite voting for the Patriot Act, he has been a vocal critic of President Bush's handling of these powers. He became a Libertarian in 2006 to emphasize his beliefs in individual liberties. He is the Presidential nominee for the Libertarian Party, a 37-year-old party providing an alternative to the larger 2 parties.

Bob Barr is running on four key issues: cutting federal spending, promoting individual liberties, securing the borders, and restoring national defense (rather than offense). You can find further information on him here:

2008 Campaign Site
Independent Political Report

In the interest of providing complete information, here are the primary criticisms of these two candidates. Chuck Baldwin's primary issue is the defense of our borders, and some people are scared that that will marginalize Hispanics in the country. However, I have detected no hint of racism or prejudice in his speeches on this issue. He is also a pastor, so some are wary of his mixture between religion and politics. I also find this to be a non-issue as he sees the merging of Church and State as an opportunity for persecution. Bob Barr is criticized because two of the three things he is well-known for (DOMA and War on Drugs) are very non-Libertarian policies. He has recanted somewhat, but his former conservatism may give him a bit of an uphill battle. However, he wasn't chosen for his Libertarian purism but for his somewhat recognizable name.

I hope this is the beginning of your willingness to research ALL of the candidates in this race and to vote for the one that best represents you. If you want a candidate for change, you'll find no better choices than these gentlemen. Keep your options open, you'll be surprised how good it feels.

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