Saturday, August 02, 2008

Announcing New Changes

I frequently make adjustments to the various elements of this blog (sometimes as often as I post). I have determined to take a moment to give you a tour of some of the cool things here.

  1. The "academic search" box at the top is a custom search engine that I created that emphasizes accuracy of information over amount of information. We all know the Internet is full of junk, so this let so sift through some of the rubbish.
  2. The header was created by my good friend Jared, who is now blogging over at Tumblr.
  3. If you only want to see posts on certain topics, you can click one of the topical links just above the first post.
  4. On the right (in order top-to-bottom), you can subscribe to this blog by email. That way you don't have to remember to come back here. If I've posted something new, you'll get it in your email within 24 hours.
  5. If you prefer Google Reader, reading news on your established homepage, reading news in Firefox, or any other form of RSS subscription, you can click on the links that say "readers" and pick your favorite (non-email) way to stay updated with this blog.
  6. The large black box is pretty recent. I use Google Reader to keep updated on politics, theology, and other people's blogs. Often I'll share my favorite items with you, and they appear here.
  7. Next is the blog archive linking to everything I've written here.
  8. Underneath the archive is a ChipIn element that lets you donate to my wife's and my college debt. Yes, $80,000 is accurate, but anything you can do to help would be much appreciated. Think about it as a tip jar for well-written posts.
  9. Next is the "Mike Just Read..." box, which lists the most recent book I have finished reading. Click the link and check the book out. If you decide to buy it, I get a tiny commission too.
  10. As you'll see underneath the book, I will link to you if you have directly linked to me. Hopefully this list will grow so big that I'll have to make some changes.
  11. A recent project of mine appears next. I have done thorough research about every person I could possibly vote for at any position this Autumn. I have linked to the campaign pages of my favorite candidates. You'll notice a varied party mix (sounds tasty), which reflects my varying emphasis on certain issues.
  12. Last and certainly least, I have links to various political, social, or technical issues that have caught my fancy. You don't have to like them to like me, but I consider them worth sharing.
Thanks for following me on this tour. Any questions?

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