Monday, August 04, 2008

Be Distracted

When you worship next Sunday, I encourage you... be distracted by those around you.

Be so distracted that you cannot help but pray for them.

Be so distracted that you cannot help but thank God for their very existence.

Be so distracted that you are filled with awe at how God could build such a church, one lasting through the millennia, and has brought you together today.

Church is not "just you and God." God created many more people than that. Church is all of you and God.

While many do not believe in Sacraments in the literal sense (i.e. that God is actually present in communion, baptism, etc.) we are all surrounded by a Sacrament. God Himself lives in our Christian neighbor, and He uses them to give grace to us.*

So, let us not ignore our neighbor, but let their presence drive us ever closer to God Himself.

*Thank you C.S. Lewis for this concept.

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