Saturday, August 30, 2008

Can your Congressman Read?

Can your Congressman read?

If he can... Don't you think he should read the laws he votes on?

Many would be surprised to find out that many laws are not read by everyone voting on them. I mean, put yourselves in their shoes. If a bill is over 1,000 pages long, who in their right mind would want to read it?

But isn't that what we elected them to do? If the bills that Congress is passing are too long to read, then should we skip reading them altogether or pass shorter bills?

My friends, I think you are logical. You know that your lawmakers are elected to make laws and to understand the laws they make. Therefore, if they don't, they are not good lawmakers. Wouldn't it be a smart idea to pass a law that requires them to read the laws they pass?

Let's have every law read out loud before a quorum and post every bill online for 7 days before it can be passed. That way, even if your congressman doesn't feel like reading, somebody else might.

If you think this idea makes sense. Join me in recommending that your Senators and Congressman pass the Read the Bills Act. Just follow this link and drop them a line. It makes sense. Let's make Congress do the job they were elected for.

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