Monday, August 25, 2008

History Lessons

I just finished the Half-Mil Bible history, highlighting major events in Judeo-Christian history every 500 years. Here are the articles:

Exodus (1500 B.C.)
Monarchy (1000 B.C.)
Exile (500 B.C)
Nicaea (325 A.D.)
Schism (1000 A.D.)
Reformation (1500 A.D.)
Missions (2000 A.D.)

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  1. Hi Michael! I arrived at your blog via an "Assemblies of God" search. (I am an A/G Pastor's wife in Indiana.) It's so nice to meet you, and to find another blog with like-mindedness.

    I wanted to personally invite you to join the Assembly of God Blogs network. This is a great resource! You can arrive to the network site via my profile link or you can go to



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