Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Primary Voting

I voted recently in the Kansas Republican (non-presidential) Primaries. There was an application form; I'm already in "the database" and used my voter ID card.

There were only a couple contested seats: Sheriff, DA, and US Congress. As I've indicated on the sidebar, I voted for Denning for Sheriff (won), Howe for DA (won), and for the primaries I voted for Showen for Congress (lost), I'll go for the Libertarian candidate for congress in the general election. I also took a bit of an anti-libertarian step by voting for keeping a $.0025 county sales tax (passed), because I much prefer local taxes to federal taxes. I don't mind a good sheriff's department, it's the federal guys that bother me.

I'm glad to get the chance to put my finger where my mouth is...

That was wierd.

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