Saturday, October 18, 2008

Analogy of the Economic Crisis

I thought of an analogy of the current financial crisis.

The nation is in a car, focused on getting to the destination in time.
The destination is wealth and prosperity.

However, the car is losing parts. Pieces are literally falling off as we drive. No one wants to be late to the destination though. We cannot slow down. We feel that if we slow down, we fail.

Therefore, the solution from both parties is that we call a helicopter service, pay by the credit card over the phone, and have them drop car replacement parts to us as we drive. We then reach out the windows to duct tape the parts back on to the car.

Will the car keep running? Yes. Is it "fixed"? No.

Why don't we stop the car. Forget the missing pieces, fix the system, then get back on the road?

As Glenn Beck said, "Call your Congressman, call your Senator, call your fireman... something!" Tell them to STOP THE CAR!!!

How do we fix the system? Check out what these guys have to say, and join up with the Campaign for Liberty.

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