Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Clear and Present Danger

For a good period of time now, I have posted books on the sidebar that I have recently read. I have occasionally thought about doing book reviews regarding my reading and will now take the plunge.

Clear and Present Danger was the third Clancy novel I've read. The author is obviously great at keeping the reader on the edge of the seat the entire time. His stories are a complex mixture of political and military thrillers. CPD is no exception.

I loved the novel primarily because it was complex and kept me thinking. It wasn't deep like a piece of classical literature, but the plot itself was deep and intertwined. I like a book that doesn't insult my intelligence but gives me just enough information to follow the storyline. This is the very thing CPD does.

While I enjoyed it, its length was a moderate challenge. It is not a book for the impatient person. Some of its characters are also so similar, it can be hard to follow. However, these complaints are trivial and should not keep one from reading it.

Overall it is a great work, a great read, and an enjoyable, thrilling novel.

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