Monday, October 20, 2008

Diets and Budgets

I have often held a theory that has stood the test of time. I would like to share it with you here.

Diets and budgets are the same thing, and they work the same way.

For example, a great way to make a budget is to spend a month or two recording the various things you spend money on. Don't focus on changing much, just become aware of what you're doing already. Then, look at your records and see what needs changed.

People who have an awareness of exactly how they spend money are not surprised when they come up short or when they have excess. It's not that they have more money to work with, but they're aware of what changes they can make. Once they make those changes, then it feels like there is actually more money in their hands.

So how does it work with diets? The reason every diet system works or fails is the same. Dieting makes you aware of what you are eating and allows you to improve it. "Eat less and exercise more" is a concept understood by everyone, but we really don't like it. However, no matter what diet plan you subscribe to, it will only work if it reduces your overall consumption.

The best way to diet is the same as budgeting. Track what you are eating; become aware of your consumption. Then, make changes to improve.

As to how you exercise your budget.... I have no clue.

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