Thursday, November 06, 2008

Results of the Election

I have held on the sidebar the people I voted for in this election. Here are their names and how they performed in the election:

President/Vice - Chuck Baldwin/Darrell Castle (CP) 0.1% (0.3% in KS)
Senate US-KS - Joseph Martin (Ref) 1.4%
Congress US-KS-3 - Joe Bellis (L) 2.8% Senate KS-9 - Julia Lynn (R) 55.0% Senate KS-43 - Mike Kiegerl (R) 53.3%
DA Johnson County - Steve Howe (R) 53.5%
Johnson Cty Comm-6 - Calvin Hayden 50.0%
Sherriff Johnson Cty - Frank Denning (R) 98.8%

I am sad to report that the majority of people in my county voted in opposition to my views on all three of our ballot issues.

I'm not bitter at all. I know I did what was right, and God still rules the universe. That never has and never will change.

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