Sunday, November 02, 2008

Why Baldwin?

My friend just sent me an email, asking a question I hadn't had to answer before. I enjoyed the opportunity and want to share the email and response with you.
I'm thinking I need to decide who I am to vote for. Why are you going with Baldwin over Barr? Let a brother know.
Good question, that's something I haven't had to spell out before. Let's see.

First, I like the Constitution Party better than the Libertarian party. I totally agree with the CP platform (which you can find on their website), while the LP platform seems a bit anarchist at times. I wouldn't describe myself as a true Libertarian. However I would say the positions I hold are more libertarian than either major party allows for. In other words, I think a Constitutional government would be smaller than the one we have now. I'm libertarian by comparison.

Barr gets some flak from his own party for not being Libertarian enough. He was instrumental in the Clinton impeachment, which they see as the government prying into people's sex lives. He is very pro-life, and about 2/3 of Libertarians aren't. He also voted for the Patriot Act, though he was instrumental in keeping it from being worse than it was. He also helped encourage the war on drugs.

Of those 4 things, I agree with his positions on the first two. However, i'm very anti-Patriot act, which Baldwin criticized from the beginning. I'm also not too happy with the war on drugs. I mainly think there are better things to be in prison for than posessing Mary Jane. If they drive after smoking, then put em in the slammer. Otherwise, let them have their fun.

I also see the need for a return to the federal system of government, i.e. a balance between the national and state governments. The 10th Amendment basically states that if the power has not been Constitutionally given to the federal government, then it is reserved for the states and the people. Yet how many laws has the Congress passed that violate this principle! It would take a radical move to return to this, but I'm in favor of whatever it takes. Baldwin and Ron Paul talked about this, Barr hasn't.

The biggest difference between them is on border security and illegal immigration. While Barr himself could be in favor of increasing security, his party is not. They are more likely to take the "no one is illegal" stance. This is Baldwin's key issue. He sees a growing trend towards opening the borders with Canada and Mexico, signing treaty after treaty with them, so much so that we are surrendering our right to make decisions for our own nation. NAFTA, the UN, and NATO are making decisions that should be up to our own Congress. Illegal Immigration kills the economy and is more of an issue than either major candidate wants to say. As Ron Paul said, we don't need free trade agreements to trade freely. Just trade freely! Baldwin is big on this, Barr isn't so much.

Barr's also dogged on for being former CIA, but I don't give that much creedance.

Also, Ron Paul has endorsed Chuck Baldwin.

Thanks for the question!

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  1. Anonymous3:46 PM

    Another reason could be that Barr's mustache does not match his hair. Just a thought.


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