Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Communist Manifesto

In my readings, I like to find time for current non-fiction on Christianity, spiritual or sci-fi fiction works, and classical readings. One of my more recent attempts at the latter was The Communist Manifesto.

I was expecting it to be a detailed outline of their beliefs (like the Constitution or something similar). Instead, I found it was a defense of Communist ideology and their place in history. The author, Karl Marx, sees history as a series of struggles between the ruling, powerful classes and the classes that work for them. He has hopes that Communism will overthrow this system and establish a system that works for the working classes.

He systematically responds to the objections of capitalists by dealing with a series of issues. One of the more poignant examples was the objection that Communists want to get rid of private property. Marx's response is essentially, "Do you own any property? Who owns the property? Think about it..... WHY ARE YOU OBJECTING!?"

Finally, he relays information about the progression of Communism in his time period. I found it interesting that he has strong objections to Socialism because they are attempting to find a Communist solution by negotiating with the upper class. He thinks this is foolishness and will never work.

The work is certainly one worth reading for a deep understanding of the issues that Communism presents. While Communism is not alive and well in the U.S. (by that name) it is still a present force in the world today. To check out my views on Communist and Socialist ideals in the world today, check out this post.

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