Thursday, February 19, 2009

Babies in my Life

My life is going to be surrounded with children! I can't wait for the excitement that will come from my baby playing with his or her cousins. Ours is still developing healthily with nothing new to report. We have determined to go with Matthias as a first name instead of Matthew. Of course Matthias invokes the name of the 13th disciple discussed in Acts 1.

My sister-in-law had her second son 2 weeks ago, Nathan Douglas. My cousin had his first baby yesterday, Jacob Allen. In all this, I've been really excited about the meaning of their names. Nathan is the prophet who spoke eloquently about the sin of David. He had to be the bearer of bad news but also delivered the message of the blessings of God. Jacob is the father of God's people, the very source of the nation that God would covenant with for the next nineteen centuries.

I know no matter which name my child receives, Matthias or Natalie, they will both be the gift of God that their name implies.

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