Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lessons from Atlanta (part 2)

Is a deceptive person easily deceived? Does honesty breed more honesty? During our missions trip to Atlanta, I encountered a truth about truth.

Our students spent 7 days around people who were brutally honest about their past. We interacted with former drug addicts, current drug addicts, former criminals, current fugitives, and other people at all stages of life. Something about the instant intimacy that comes from these conversations sparked an intimacy within our own group. After only 2 days in ministry, our group was very relaxed at sharing their own problems with one another. 

This lead to my awareness that all Christians are sinners. All people have sin in their past and likely in their present. We all have problems; however, it will take great strides to create a culture that is more accepting of each other's problems. We should not be afraid to share our sins with those who are likewise committed to Christ.

Additionally, we must recognize our weaknesses as weaknesses. I know too many Christians who like to brag about the sins they committed but don't spend too much time talking about how much grace Christ has given them. We are sinners, but we are forgiven sinners. Let Jesus remove our sins as far as the East is from the West, and let's leave them there.

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