Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Luxurious Empire

Allow me to share a quote from St. Augustine's City of God that I find quite applicable to our situation.
"Hence the injuries you do, you will not permit to be imputed to you: but the injuries you suffer, you impute to Christianity. Depraved by good fortune, and not chastened by adversity, what you desire in the restoration of a peaceful and secure state, is not the tranquility of the commonwealth, but the impunity of your own vicious luxury. Scipio wished you to be hard pressed by an enemy, that you might not abandon yourselves to luxurious manners; but so abandoned are you, that not even when crushed by the enemy is your luxury repressed. You have missed the profit of your calamity; you have been made most wretched, and have remained most profligate." Speaking to the western Romans, Book 1, Chapter 33
In other words, the Romans were quite prone to blame their problems on other people, mainly the outcast Christians, rather than on their own immorality. The Romans were corrupted by their wealth. Then, when they were met with challenges, they didn't grow more mature out of them. Rather than forsaking the wealth that had held them captive, they pursued it even more.

Let this not describe us! When wealth becomes our demise, let us pursue it no longer! We should instead pursue the One that overcomes both wealth and poverty.

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