Sunday, August 09, 2009


Take this quiz to learn something about your personality.
Choose the best way to complete the statements.

1. I’m depressed; I need a (beer / ice cream sundae).
2. I’m tired; I need a (beer / nap / coffee).
3. I’ve had a hard day; I deserve a (beer / burrito / spa).
4. I’m happy; I need to celebrate with a (beer / cake / quality meal).

Ok, now add up your answers.

If you managed to add up words…I need to learn something from you.

Why do we automatically think that when we experience a certain emotion, we need to consume something? How much credit card debt am I in because of the statement, “I deserve”? Can we enjoy our happiness, push through our sadness, or celebrate without spending money?

Now, how does this specifically apply to the Christian life? There is no Scripture telling people not to spend money. However, could you spend your money better? Have you ever complained that you don’t have enough money? Where could these resources be used otherwise?

1 comment:

  1. 1. I'm depressed; I need to pray.
    2. I'm tired; I need a nap.
    3. I've had a hard day; [some refreshment] and rest would be nice.
    4. I'm happy; I believe I'll give thanks and celebrate with _____.

    Food, drink, rest, etc. are given to strengthen, comfort, and cheer us, and feasting is an appropriate means of celebration. I think the "Couldn't your money be spent better?" question is not necessarily biblical. But I agree with your main point. Self-indulgence and an "I deserve" attitude are wrong, and have nothing to do with the purpose of God's gifts. And they will lead to poor stewardship. Anyone who can take your quiz without supplying any of his own answers has a problem.


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