Thursday, August 06, 2009

My New Baby

On July 1, my wife and I went in for a routine induction for our 3-day-overdue baby. We were all settled-in, enjoying John Cena in 12 Rounds. There was some trouble keeping the baby on the monitor but we finally got it all figured out and got to sleep.

At 1:30 AM though, the nurse woke us and told us she had determined to pull the medicine because the baby was being “onry” (not quite a medical term). Then the doctor walked in 15 minutes later, not normal for this early in the morning. The baby wasn’t reacting well to labor. His heartbeat was dipping after every minor contraction. By 3:30 AM, we determined a c-section was the best option for everyone’s safety.

I called our mommy’s and we prepped for surgery. The 10-minutes waiting outside the OR while my wife was prepped were torturous. Soon enough, though, they led me in and I held her hand for what was the last 5 minutes of the surgery. Then I heard the screams of a child….breathing!

“She’s so beautiful….he’s so beautiful!”
“Wait, is it a boy or a girl?”

“Do we have a penis or not?”
“Yes, yes.”
“So it’s a boy?”

Me: “Hello, Matthias”

I was whisked away with the baby as he was wiped off and given his first bath. I cut the excess length of umbilical cord ceremonially. We all went back to the recovery room within 30 minutes and mommy got to hold her new baby boy.

I went out to our families that were patiently waiting, and they finally got to see their new relative. I’ve gotta say we’re all pretty proud.

He was born at 4:44am on 7/2 and was 20”, 8lbs, 12oz.

So far, he sleeps about 4-5 hours at a time at night and is pretty hungry during the day. He is very well loved.

(I know I had previously indicated we would name him Matthew, but we found Matthias to be more appealing and less common.)

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