Friday, December 11, 2009

Congress' Solution

After viewing the President's proposals, it is important to understand the differences between his goals and what current legislation actually contains. Congress has passed its own solutions to these healthcare problems.

To accomplish the first goal of paying the medical expenses of those with the most difficult conditions, they also want to prohibit insurance companies from refusing coverage based on medical history. They would also prohibit these companies from even charging different rates based on gender or medical history. Congress is also establishing a consistent, nationwide standard that every company must meet with at least one of their plans. The current bill also expands availability of Medicaid.

To lower the cost of such a plan, Congress is requiring most employers to pay for their workers' coverage or pay an additional tax. Also, lower-income workers could receive a subsidy to help pay for their plan. The current proposal also requires most Americans to carry insurance, in hopes that more "healthy" people will balance with the "unhealthy."

To accomplish the goal of lowering overall health costs, they would make insurance companies subject to anti-trust laws, which would increase the amount of competition.

To pay for this plan, they will pass a tax increase on those who earn over $280k (singles) or $350k (couples). They would add an excise tax to medical equipment, and raise taxes on business that don't pay for their employees' coverage.

Next time I would like to review where the "holes" are in this proposal, and look into other possible solutions.

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