Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kansas Elections: Senate

Senator Sam Brownback is stepping down (or up, as he is running for Governor), so there is quite a battle ensuing for his Senate seat. Here are the candidates.

Michael Dann - Libertarian

Joe Bellis - Reform party, Constitutionalist, pro-life, conservative, national sovereignty, welfare reform, repeal 16th and 17th amendments, withdrawal from NAFTA and WTO

Todd Tiahrt - Republican, current congressman from KS-4, market-based healthcare reform, local control in education, end estate tax, strong national defense, pro-life, stronger border security and stricter immigration standards, reform NCLB, more local control rather than federal control
Jerry Moran - Republican, current congressman from KS-1, fiscal responsibility (opposed bailouts), stronger border security and stricter immigration, pro-FairTax, pro-life, reform NCLB
Tom Little - Republican, supports 2% federal consumption tax to replace state consumption taxes and federal income taxes, limit foreign aid, move taxation to the state level, two-term limits all around, ending current wars
Robert Londerholm - Republican, balance between private and government sectors

There is a big question for Republicans regarding the differences between Tiahrt and Moran. Fortunately, they have served together in Congress for some time, so we can see some differences in their voting record. I encourage you to check out the comparison at and decide for yourselves.

David Haley - Democrat, current Kansas State Senator, pro-choice, increase taxes and funding for state programs, increase minimum wage, restrict gun posession, increase welfare availability
Lisa Johnston - Democrat, better financial regulation, limited congressional spending, support new businesses, greater state and federal support for education, legislative transparency, 1st and 2nd amendment rights, limit foreign aid, tax incentives to "green" companies
Charles Schollenberger - Democrat, supports Agriculture reform, strengthen community colleges, develop wind power, stronger financial regulation of banks and corporations, tax credits for job creation, phased withdrawal from wars, supports the new healthcare reform law, supports amnesty-based immigration reform
Stanley Wiles - Democrat, supports federal job stimulus, actively seek peace between Israel and Palestine, support clean energy, reduce dependence on foreign oil
Robert Conroy - Democrat
Patrick Wiesner - Democrat

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