Monday, May 17, 2010

Kansas Elections: 3rd District House

With election fever heating up, I wanted to give a synopsis of the candidates from my area. In the 3rd district of Kansas Congressional seat, Congressman Dennis Moore is not running for re-election this year. It was previously assumed that his seat would go to a Republican...until his wife entered the race. Her candidacy makes the possibilities endless. The Republican nominee from '08 dropped out a few weeks ago. Here are the current candidates with links to their campaign websites.

I encourage candidates or supporters to correct anything I have mistakenly put or left out.

Jasmin Talbert - Libertarian, personal liberty, free markets, constitutionalist, smaller government, increased government accountability and transparency.

Dan Gilyeat - Republican, Veteran, likes smaller government, stronger security, less taxes, pro-life, interested in FairTax
Dave King - Republican, wants to repeal bailouts, cut EPA and Dept of Ed, have legislators write the laws
Patricia Lightner - Republican, State Rep (former Whip), supports Balanced Budget Amendment, pro-life, traditional marriage, aggressive War on Terror, FairTax
Craig McPherson - Republican, emphasizes 2nd and 10th Amendments, balanced budget, strong national defence, reduced taxes
Kevin Yoder - Republican, State Rep, this year sponsored budget that eliminated shortfall by cutting spending with no tax increases, against deficit spending and tax increases, for job growth by tax cuts
John Rysavy - Republican, Constitutionalist, deal with National Debt, supports the new Arizona immigration law, pro-term limits, pro-FairTax
Jean Ann Uvodich - Republican, bothered by Heathcare reform and Cap and Trade's effects on small businesses, cutting spending, pro-life
Gary Klotz - Republican, wants to defund Obama's healthcare plan, strengthen borders, pro-life, reduce government spending
Jerry Malone - Republican

Go here for a good article on the GOP Candidates.

Tom Scherer - Democrat, smaller government, less taxes, veteran's rights, quick end to wars, anti-FairTax
Stephene Moore - Democrat, no public issues statements. Self-described non-partisan.

The Kansas Reform party (affiliated with the Constitution Party) will nominate their candidates on May 29.

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