Thursday, June 03, 2010

Kansas Elections: Governor

The Governor's seat is wide open with Mrs. Sebelius now the HHS secretary, and the newly promoted Governor Parkinson not running for election.

I encourage candidates or supporters to correct anything I have mistakenly put or left out. I will consistently update this post and previous posts with current data as I find it.

Andrew Grey / Stacey Davis - Libertarian, stop runaway spending, pass the Kansas Education Liberty Act (allowing tax credits for contributions to Scholarship Granting Organizations), overhaul the hiring system of state employees, supports state-level FairTax, encourage local food economies, supports balanced budget, term limits

Ken Cannon / Dan Faubion- Reform, supports term limits, balanced budget, supports FairTax, eliminate estate tax, local control of education

Joan Heffington / Mark Holick - Republican, laws need clear popular, Biblical, and Constitutional support for passage, judicial reform, supports FairTax
Sam Brownback / Jeff Colyer - Republican, supporting local environmental and agricultural research, supports term limits, strict constitutionalist, pro-life, market-based health care reform, more federal support for state universities, local k-12 education control

Tom Holland / Kelly Kultala - Democrat, supports creating new jobs and training to fill existing ones (e.g. nursing), more renewable energy, fully fund public schools
Marty Mork - Democrat, pro-life, wants to bring a Disney theme park to Kansas, legalize and tax marijuana

(Roger Scott Carson and Heath Norris did not make the filing deadline.)

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