Saturday, July 10, 2010

Kansas Republican Primary: How I'm Voting August 3

The Kansas Primary election is nearing, and I'm ready! Here are the candidates I will be voting for, with a brief summary of why. I am a registered Republican in western Olathe. I strongly recommend all Kansans view this list before August 3 and see who their potential candidates are.

U.S. Senate - Kansas
I'll vote for Todd Tiahrt over Jerry Moran, Tom Little, or Bob Londerholm. I have been unable to acquire any information about the latter. On the former two, despite their attack ads, there is very little difference in their voting records. Little has little to distinguish himself from the others. I went with Tiahrt because he went to my alma mater, is of my religious affiliation, and has the greater reputation for character. However, as I felt with many of the Republican options this year, this is the lesser of a few evils. I disagree with both Tiahrt and Moran on Immigration and the War on Everything.

U.S. House - 3rd Kansas District
I'll vote for Dan Gilyeat over Dave King, Garry Klotz, Patricia Lightner, Jerry Malone, Craig McPherson, John Rysavy, and Jean Ann Uvodich. Again, there is so little philosophical difference between the candidates, that it came down to character. Anyone familiar with Gilyeat's story cannot question his undying allegiance to his country, liberty, and moral standards. His desire to deal with the national debt and audit the Fed is also admirable.

Kansas Governor
Updated 7/20
I'll vote for Joan Heffington and Mark Holick over Sam Brownback and Jeff Colyer. After reviewing Heffington's many views, I basically support most of her positions. She is interested in untying our legal system, which is the kind of innovative reform more candidates should support. Brownback and Colyer are also men of character, and the primary issue in which I disagree with them, foreign policy, will be removed by them being in a state-level position. I am very bothered though by their non-fiscally conservative desire to increase federal funding for our state colleges.

Secretary of State of Kansas
This is one that bothers me. There's not much to run on here, except "I'll do a better job than the last guy." I am wavering between J.R. Claeys or Libby Ensley over Kris Kobach. Kobach's association with the Arizona immigration law (which mainly hurts legal immigrants) rules him out for me. I'm mainly wanting innovative ideas, and I haven't heard any from these three. Claeys has small business background, and Ensley has election management background, and both are useful. I'll probably side with Ensley's more relevant experience.

Attorney General of Kansas
I'll be supporting Ralph De Zago over Derek Schmidt for Attorney General. Schmidt is a legislator that has passed very tough sentencing laws. While I support the fair punishment of criminals, excessive sentences only clog up the prison system and do not necessarily reduce crime. De Zago seeks to fulfill his constitutionally limited role of supporting local judicial systems. He sees his job as supporting existing laws and law enforcement, no more.

State Treasurer of Kansas
Ron Estes is the only Republican running for Treasurer. He is all about promoting efficiency, which is a goal I can stand behind.

Commisioner of Insurance of Kansas
I'll be supporting David Powell over Sandy Praeger, mainly because of his position that government shouldn't be in the insurance business in the first place, and his active role in reforming insurance policy in Kansas.

Kansas House of Representatives - 43rd District (Gardner and W. Olathe)
Mike Keigerl is the only Republican running. He has my ardent support because he listens to his constituents and stands up against the growing government in Topeka.


  1. Anonymous10:28 AM

    I believe you are voting for Sam Brownback because he has experience in lying to the voters. That is what you like. You are voting for Sam because he is the cause of Kansas deficit, which resulted in sending our Kansas troops to Iraq on false intelligence. Kansans died because of his stupid mistakes. That, Kansas cannot afford. You are voting for Brownback because you have a job. In addition, Brownback voted not to extend unemployment for the middle class and the poor. I would vote for Brownback if I had your morals, but I do not. I am voting for Joan Heffington because she champions abolishing personal property taxes for senior citizen over 65, which will jump-start our economy in healthcare, construction, and energy. Joan is for the middle class and the poor. You favor the rich. This election is not about the candidates, it is about the rich vs. the middle class and poor. Come August 3rd we will find out.

  2. I'm unfamiliar with Brownback's lies, but I'm willing to hear what you have discovered. Sam Brownback has been out of the KS legislature for quite a while now, so I'm not sure how he's caused deficits in Kansas. I also fail to see a connection between Kansas' budget problems and the start of the Iraq war, (maybe tax income from Boeing?).

    Like you, I disagree with Brownback's vote to approve the Iraq war. However, as state governor he will be removed from the ability to make foreign policy decisions.

    I'm not sure if Heffington's views on unemployment benefits would differ greatly from Brownback's. I find the unemployment situation is largely the fault of government meddling in the economy by setting minimum wages and inflating the currency. I don't see unemployment benefits as any kind of solution to the unemployment problem.

    As for Heffington's plan to end property taxes for seniors, that seems to be a very small thing to do to secure a voting block.

    As a person living at 125% of the poverty level and working three jobs, I find it hard to say that I am favoring the rich. However, I do favor policies that allow me to grow and manage the resources that God has allowed me to earn.

    In other news, I do plan to vote for Andrew Gray of the Libertarian party for Governor in November. Brownback is merely a primary vote.

  3. One correction to my post: I've found that Brownback was never in the Kansas legislature, giving him no power over the Kansas budget, ever.

  4. I found my self reading this in one breath (it`s a long text, give me a effort for that). The thing I like about your blog is your openness. Good job and thumbs up for your posts.

  5. Anonymous11:00 PM

    ICC Underwriter’s poll show Brownback has a 50 % chance of winning the primary based on recent polls taken from over 5, 000 Kansans. Kansas voters were unaware of Joan Heffington was running for Kansas Governor and voters only thought Brownback was the presumptive winner. The newspapers had a lot to do with it. Our poll show the republicans have a choice and do not have to support there parties loyalty, since there are two republicans running for Governorship. What is interesting, the women and the veterans are voting for Joan Heffington as well as the senior citizens. One voter conveyed, when I am in the voting booth, the word Brownback comes to mind because of name recognition, but, I am a women and I will vote for a women over a man anytime. A veteran mentioned he would not vote for Brownback because Brownback is not a veteran. The unemployed stated Brownback can not create jobs for Kansas. Senior citizens favor no property tax over age 65 on their homes. If I were Brownback, I would be worried. A 50 /50 chance to win the primary is anyone’s game.


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